How to Show Smart Home Design Skills with Swamp Mats

Do questions from out of the blue trip you up? Are you easily confused when someone asks about bigger construction issues or lawn preservation tips? One easy thing to impress clients with is a little known fact about swamp mats. Swamp mats are most commonly used on drilling rig construction sites, to create a stable, dry work surface in muddy conditions. It’s easily called rig mats, ground protection mats, and even access roads by people in the business.

So what do swamp mats have to do with home improvement?

Aside from the growing production of natural gas in North America, making it a much talked about source of home energy, swamp mats have a hidden use.

While swamp mats sometimes refer to rig mats, which are encased in steel, which would make a great temporary flooring by the way, they also refer to all wood mats. These wood mats are secured with nails or bolts and are untreated, making them a green friendly option for construction work. This means creating temporary roads from a house to driveway, adding temporary parking areas, or rising up metal dumpsters – all without damaging the yard. If you’re curious about how wood construction mats can benefit your home improvements, visit Quality Mat Company, a leading provider of mats.

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